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25 June, 2011

Shopping beyond the norm

Shopping beyond the norm
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Growing up, I was often reminded that it’s unseemly to brag.  However, no one ever fully explained the advantages of being “seemly”.  So here goes. Today’s shopping trip is a multi-faceted exercise in 1) straying from the beaten path, 2) frugal entertaining, and 3) thinking on your feet.  With an annual potluck at hand and
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31 May, 2011

Inspiration, at a (tiny?) price

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With the plethora of excellent recipe websites available, it might seem unnecessary to buy a cooking magazine.  But there is nothing like flipping through the glossy pages of a well-constructed culinary mag.  Some call it “food porn”.  Others see it as irrelevant to their everyday lives.  But gourmet magazines like Saveur, Food & Wine, and
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