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26 February, 2016

5 more fruity anytime hacks for a cup of plain or flavored Greek yogurt

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It’s been an enduring trend:  Greek yogurt is everywhere, and we’ve visited this territory before, ourselves.  But this thicker style of yogurt is so versatile that it merits an additional look.  You’ll certainly see more yogurt-based tips and recipes here in the future. Greek-style yogurt, as you may know, is essentially the same as “regular”
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27 September, 2014

Scoop > cup

Scoop > cup
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Athens, your way The nationwide obsession with “Greek” yogurt seems to be continuing, full steam ahead.  Of course, as many critics have pointed out, there’s nothing truly Greek about it:  this thicker style of yogurt has simply been strained to remove some of the extra liquid, making it creamy, denser than what we’ve been used
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6 July, 2011

Nachos for one

Nachos for one
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You may already know that ‘nacho cheese’ doesn’t really exist:  the word ‘nachos’ comes from the history of the dish, which used Wisconsin cheddar, and was created on the fly, from ingredients on hand.  The horrific sauce that is marketed as a dip or chip topper is an unworthy counterpart designed specifically for easy preparation
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11 April, 2011

KISS with color

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Yuu’ve probably heard the original.  But my personal version of “KISS ‘ is the less insulting ‘Keep It Simple, Silly’.  Whatever this acronym means to you, the truth it tells is absolutely applicable to your kitchen.  In this case, it’s a reminder that a meal doesn’t have to be made up of fully prepped dishes
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21 March, 2011

Feed me, now!

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Here’s the pattern:  I get up between 7 and 8 in the morning and eat something, have some coffee, and sit down to work at the computer.  Several hours later, usually around 1 or 2, I’ve been working steadily and start getting jittery because I’ve either not eaten enough, had too much caffeine, or both.
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11 February, 2011

Let’s do lunch…

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We’re ready to roll with the new blog in the new location, and showing you what I had for lunch today: Polenta cakes with spinach, marinara and goat cheese. This dish is so quick, cheap and healthy that it makes fast food obsolete.

11 February, 2011

The Office Lunch Kit

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I’ve logged enough long years of commuting to know that most jobs involve sacrifices of health, wallet and gastronomy.  You may be eating out with friends far too often, spending too much on “lunch specials” that have dubious nutritional value and are either too much or too little food.  You could have a job that
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