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26 February, 2011

Mac in springtime

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Macaroni and cheese is the ultimate comfort food, and is worth doing well. The ubiquitous boxes may have their place, when chosen well and deliciously souped-up. This veggie-studded version is fast, nutritious and very, very easy.

11 February, 2011

Let’s do lunch…

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We’re ready to roll with the new blog in the new location, and showing you what I had for lunch today: Polenta cakes with spinach, marinara and goat cheese. This dish is so quick, cheap and healthy that it makes fast food obsolete.

11 February, 2011

The Office Lunch Kit

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I’ve logged enough long years of commuting to know that most jobs involve sacrifices of health, wallet and gastronomy.  You may be eating out with friends far too often, spending too much on “lunch specials” that have dubious nutritional value and are either too much or too little food.  You could have a job that
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