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17 February, 2011

Golden-plated yum

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An apt example of Lunch on a Plate: This is just a cheese and spinach sandwich.  It’s just half an apple.  I could have munched on them while cleaning up my kitchen, but I wouldn’t really have tasted them.  Drawn from a lunch bag, I could have just unwrapped and devoured.  But either way, I would still have been hungry later.  On a plate, they’re more appetizing, more satisfying, and at least $4 cheaper than buying a combo meal.  Plates matter.  Find one you love, and set it aside for better noons.

The Stats

Prep/cooking time: 3 minutes

Calories: About 360

Cost: Less than $2

Cleanup: Two knives, one plate

*Calories calculated with the help of CalorieKing.com‘s simply awesome food database.

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