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23 March, 2013

Comforting spring

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We all love comfort food, in one form or another.  As you’ve probably guessed, soup is a big part of that obsession for me, as it’s cheap, I get to choose the ingredients and craft the nutritional content, and the whole process encourages play — it’s different each and every time, even if I’m working from a favorite recipe.  I’ve always thought of soup-making as a rather spiritual experience, and even got write about that approach in this book (affiliate link), where my work giddily rubs elbows with some of the great writers of our time, thanks to the support of one of the book’s editors, Malcolm Boyd, who has been an extraordinary friend and mentor.  (My essay, Prayer a la cucina, appears next to Norman Mailer‘s — be still, my little literary heart!)

So here’s a soup recipe for you to play with:  Chowder primavera.  Made creamy with 2% evaporated milk and built from the odds and ends in my kitchen today, it’s an ode to color and flavor and the joy of making something from a pile of disparate parts.  Change the herbs if you like.  Leave out the dairy (or even the meat, if you wish) and start with broth and mushrooms, for a lighter veggie extravaganza that will do your farmer’s market finds very, very proud.  Whatever you do, you’ll end up with something warm, hearty and uniquely yours.  Have fun, and tell us what you come up with!

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