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28 March, 2009

Creative comfort, pie optional

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I’m a sucker for pie.  So when I recently found myself with a couple of hours to kill pre-gig, Polly’s Pies seemed just the ticket for a lazy meal while hiding from traffic.

Polly’s is a Southland treasure, a diner with creativity and character.  But there aren’t yet enough locations for the chain to be too ubiquitous, which is one of the company’s strengths: Since there isn’t one right down the street, I relish an opportunity to visit.  The food is good, the prices feel correct, the coffee is custom-roasted daily, and the booths are comfortable enough for a long sit.

Tonight’s special is a dinner plate featuring a tilapia filet, encrusted with finely-crushed macadamia nuts served with rice pilaf and creamed spinach.  (Other delicious side options are available.)  The fish is so tender it falls apart at the touch of the fork, and the crust is flavorful and crunchy.  This is an offshoot from Polly’s famous macadamia chicken, and I prefer the fish, as the flavors complement each other very well.  I’m always wary of soggy veggies, but the spinach was beautiful.  However, the echo of chopped spinach in the pilaf was redundant and unnecessary, and I wished I had been steered toward a different combination.

Overall, it was a nice, comforting meal, very satisfying, for less than $25.  I’m probably most likely to come back to Polly’s for just pie and coffee, or for their famous Back Burner Soup.  They tend to handle large groups well, and it’s a nice place for family dinner or a quiet chat.  But it’s also a great place to come to pick up gifts and goodies: their apple butter and salt water taffy, cookies and pies to go are all good prospects for potlucks, hostess gifts and small thanks.

For menus, information and locations, check out the Polly’s website.
(Look at their Bargains page, and join their E-Club for discounts and coupons!)

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