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14 March, 2009

Slow is good

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Slow Food

Why go slow?

Because it lets good flavors blend to make better food. Because you can control what goes into your meals. Because it’s really easy, and way cheap!

The real beauty of slow cooking is that recipes are simplified, down to the least number of steps possible: my favorite quick chili, for instance, works thus: open six cans of stuff, dump them into the pot, add chopped onions, a splash of olive oil and spices that strike the day’s fancy, and cook on low for a few hours. The flavors meld, the results are delicious, and it can be easily frozen for the days when I don’t want to think about food.  Once it’s done, throw over rice or couscous, add a layer of veggies, top with cheese, and healthy lunch or dinner takes five minutes or less.  (If I’m really feeling fancy, I might sauté the onions in oil for five minutes in the bottom of the crock pot before adding the other ingredients, but in this case, the difference isn’t earth-shattering.  For one variation in actual recipe form, click here.)

Mac and cheese is a “dump it in and forget it” experience, made from scratch and SO much better than the box. Soups of all kinds are so easy that staying home ore packing a bowl of lunch is painless.  My favorite recent experiment is a recipe from [source] for avgholemono, a Greek soup made with broth, eggs, rice and lemon juice that is creamy, delicious and supremely advertising.  Make it Fast, Cook it SlowThere are also a wide variety of slow-cook recipe books available, including the ones listed in the ‘Tasty Pages‘ section of our Amazon store.

Slow cookers are essential to the cook-now-eat-later philosophy, and you don’t need a fancy brand to find a good product. Take a look at this one from Rival, the originator of the Crock Pot. It has a removable liner (very important), 6-quart capacity (so you cook less often), and decent programmability. For less than $50, it can change your life.  If you’d like to take a quick browse, there are several models available, each with various benefits, in our Amazon store.

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