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14 November, 2011

Lots of food, but nothing for dinner?

Lots of food, but nothing for dinner?
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by guest blogger Natalie Mann I often look in my pantry and fridge and mumble, “I have nothing to eat.” But sure enough, there’s food in there, because I can’t begin to see the back wall. How does one end up with so many items and then condemn them to stay in the can or
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11 April, 2011

KISS with color

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Yuu’ve probably heard the original.  But my personal version of “KISS ‘ is the less insulting ‘Keep It Simple, Silly’.  Whatever this acronym means to you, the truth it tells is absolutely applicable to your kitchen.  In this case, it’s a reminder that a meal doesn’t have to be made up of fully prepped dishes
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8 March, 2011

Why use a plate cover in the microwave?

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How do I love plate covers?  Let me count the ways: They’re cheap.  I have two:  one cost me about eight bucks, and the other was less than two. They cause food to cook faster, saving time and energy. They keep your food from drying out. A cover concentrates the moisture already in your food,
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11 February, 2011

Let’s do lunch…

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We’re ready to roll with the new blog in the new location, and showing you what I had for lunch today: Polenta cakes with spinach, marinara and goat cheese. This dish is so quick, cheap and healthy that it makes fast food obsolete.